Start to the Good Life


The first 49-day TimeBook course with 7 weekly themes to start learning from legends, increase your productivity & become your best self.

Start to the Good Life

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About TimeBook

TimeBook conveniently combines the best productivity planners, gratitude journals and personal development books. 

It makes growth & focus so easy and natural that we have got really heart-warming thank you e-mails and calls even from ADHD people.

TimeBook is perfect for growth minded entrepreneurs, leaders & freelancers.

Learn every day from legendary mentors about health, wealth and relationships. 

Thanks to the engaging worksheets and daily challenges you will enjoy transforming your life. 

What if you had teachers like Richard Branson help you take care of your business & finances?

What if you had coaches like Tony Robbins getting you motivated to get big things done?

What if you had mentors like Marisa Peer help you love yourself and find true love?

Well, don’t guess! Try it yourself!

spend your time efficiently doing more of what you love and get more done. We have combined all the best productivity tools and made them convenient to use. You can start any day with the introductory 49-day undated A5 Planner and then continue with TimeBook productivity calendars.

Easily build a lifestyle that leads you to long-term happiness & success already today. Make growth and focus more addicting and enjoyable than scrolling on Instagram. Life doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact it can be easy if you choose to.

Weekly, Record your highlights and wins, see yourself grow through time and analyze yourself with a fresh look. Live a happier and better life. It’s a perfect way to go to sleep with a smile on your face, inspired to outperform yourself all over again the very next day.

Our dream is to fill the world with happy, successful and kind people who turn life into a paradise for everyone around them.

That’s why we give you a hustle-free 90 days money back guarantee.

We hope you will step up and live your best life, fulfill your dreams and make your loved ones happy too.

this playfully life-improving undated 49-day A5 hardcover planner printed on the finest 128 high-quality no ink-through pages. Make your life, success and happiness convenient today!

Don’t waste another minute, another day, another week, another year, another life – as far as we are concerned, we have only one life to play (maybe more, but I wouldn’t count on that right now). 

We are here for you, to help you live fully your absolutely best life. Enjoy every minute, and make it playful. What if living a successful and happy life is just one click away? 

Oh, Wait … it is.

7 Intro Weeks

Day 1: Set yourself up for success
Day 2: Tool of happiness with Tony Robbins
Day 3: Find your partners of growth
Day 4: Discover your real dreams with Vishen
Day 5: Set your priorities like Warren Buffett
Day 6: The S.M.A.R.T. goal system
Day 7: The Big rock system

Day 8: Multiply your time with Rory Vaden
Day 9: Be a time boxer like Elon Musk
Day 10: Win mornings like Robin Sharma
Day 11: Set goals that will actually make you happy
Day 12: Build new habits the smart way
Day 13: Double your energy by sleeping right
Day 14: Double your life with weekly journal

Day 15: Read your way to success
Day 16: Get a lot more out of books
Day 17: Use the right resources
Day 18: Boost energy flow & health
Day 19: Keep your mind healthy
Day 20: Enjoy & love meditating
Day 21: 60 seconds for happiness

Day 22: Keep learning the smarter way
Day 23: Maximize your productivity
Day 24: Find your real dreams with Alan Watts
Day 25: Find your drivers with Tony Robbins
Day 26: Be present and take real action
Day 27: Win your life with body language
Day 28: Create powerful connections with anyone

Day 29: Become an excellent influence
Day 30: The power of naps – do it right!
Day 31: Choose the happiness lifestyle
Day 32: Allow creativity into your life
Day 33: Find your passion & awesomeness
Day 34: 60 minutes to getting rich & new tool
Day 35: The basics of finances & investing

Day 36: 50 Entrepreneurs & Elon’s Rules
Day 37: Steve Jobs’ 3 Lessons for Good Life
Day 38: Self-confidence as your new standard
Day 39: Healthy body, healthy mind
Day 40: The 9 strange ULTRA-success rules
Day 41: The next level creativity weekend
Day 42: Thinking outside of the box

Day 43: The art of memory
Day 44: Love personal development with Jim Rohn
Day 45: Make your life count for real
Day 46: Spark the motivated energy in you
Day 47: Love your progress & reward yourself
Day 48: Continue your smart growth
Day 49: Improve the world by helping others


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