Better than Ever Journal


Better Than Ever journal
Become who you really want to be.

10 neuro linguistic exercises to reprogram yourself:

  1. Introspection – Program yourself to become your own idol
  2. Intention – Find focus & flow thanks to lofty questions
  3. Intuition – Train yourself to act on your infinite wisdom
  4. Ideas – Find solutions fast by training your idea muscle
  5. Improvements – Grow faster by appreciating your daily progress
  6. JOURNAL – Discover your truest highest self by recording your life as engaging stories
  7. Insights – Learn from life by saving and sharing your life lessons as motivational quotes
  8. Integrity – Become your own idol with integrity dashboard
  9. Inspirers – Become like the 5 people around you
  10. Impressive GoodLife – Be happy and grateful by cherishing 3 amazing moments

Works on Computer, Pads, Phones and the Remarkable paper tablet.

Better than Ever Journal



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