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Growth Made Easy, Fast & Fun for Everyone

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Turn your business into an admired, responsible, and sustainable company. 

Easily, take practical, cost-effective, and most impactful steps on your pace.

Enjoy the tools, systems and guidance from enthusiastic environmental experts.

Your Supportive Experts

Kristiina Kerge

project lead
@Teeme ära SA

Jannus Jaska

Service Designer

Merili Vares

Sustainability expert

Andres Aavik

IT Expert

So far, Sustaxo has


Cool Number

companies become carbon neutral

by reducing

Cool Number

tons of annual CO₂ emission

and neutralizing

Cool Number

tons of CO₂ emission in total.

Get Rewarded for Going Green

  1. Achieve Carbon Neutrality fast with least effort, maximum benefits and European Union grants thanks to Sustaxo’s expert’s guidance and roadmaps.
  2. Increase sales and business by inspiring your customers and partners to choose you thanks to standing out as a responsible and sustainable company.
  3. Improve employer branding and get your employees to proudly share how working for you makes them happy and fuliflled.

Honorable Success Stories

Let's turn Estonia into the
first Carbon Neutral Country

Estonia is the land of internet, the land of innovation, the land of unicorns.

We together can make Estonia the greenest country in the world too. 

It’s easy and creates so much inspiring additional value. Also financially!